Spring 2021
ELEC 305: Introduction to Physical Electronics

Spring 2020
ELEC 305: Introduction to Physical Electronics

The first half of this course focuses on the device physics of MOSFET and how to design transistor-level single-stage MOSFET amplifiers. The second half covers Maxwell’s Equations, wave propagation, and transmission line theory. This is a required course for all ECE undergraduate students.

  • George R. Brown Teaching Grant, 2020

  • Fall 2019
    (New Course) ELEC 411 / ELEC 517: Microwave Engineering

    This new course will cover topics related to transmission line, Smith Chart, network analysis, impedance matching, passive microwave circuits (power divider, coupler, filter, etc.), and antenna fundamentals. The emphasis will be on fundamental concepts and how they are applied in wireless/wireline communication and radar applications.

    Spring 2019
    (New Course) ELEC 677 001: Wireless Integrated Circuits and Systems

    This new course will cover topics related to the basic concepts, performance specifications, and systems architectures of modern wireless transceivers. The students will learn to design transistor-level radio-frequency (RF) circuit building blocks in CMOS process and complete one simulation-based design project.
    This course will be very useful for graduate and undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree in integrated circuits design or seek a professional career in semiconductor and wireless communication industries.

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